Muslim Inventors

The Golden Age

or as people know it

The Dark Ages

Was it really dark ?


After Rome fell down, life was miserable in Western Europe, but in the Muslim world it was a Golden age . Muslims had scientists in all fields of life. They invented a lot of things that our life now is based on.

This video made by 1001 Inventions is a small film showing some of the Muslim civilization scientists and their important inventions :

Al-Jazari: Civil engineer
Ibn Al-Haytham: Scientist in a lot of fields(Anatomy, Astronomy, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine, ophthalmology, philosophy, physics, Psychology, Visual perception)
Abbas Qasim Ibn Firnas: Inventor, Engineer, Aviator and Physician
Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi: Physician, Surgeon(The father of modern surgery), Chemist, Cosmetologist, and Scientist

And More…


Muslim inventions that shaped the modern world…