The pre-Islamic Arabs possessed certain natural virtues that marked them out in their contemporary world. They were unrivaled in eloquence in the skillful use of their language. Freedom and honour they valued before their lives. They were superb horseman. But centuries of isolation in the peninsula and morbid insistence on the faith of their forefathers had severely undermined their moral and spiritual health. The six century AD had them plunged in depravity, perversion and dark idolatry and indulging in all the other characteristics of primitive life. The social habits of the Arabs were quite outrageous. Drink was so common that even their literature stunk with it. Gambling was a matter of pride with them. Usury was most callously indulged in. Adultery was not considered much of a vice. Prostitution was rampant and brothels were frequently maintained.  The lot of Women was extremely lamentable in pre-Islamic Arabia.  The Right of Inheritance was denied to them. Widowed and divorced women were not allowed to re-marry and daughters were buried alive at birth .

Tribal Prejudice was very strong. Everyone imagined that he came from the noblest stock. The Advent of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) and the coming of Islam would change the Arabs way of life and thinking.