Eid Mubarak to you and your Family


I hope this message reaches you in an ardent state of emaan and excellent health.

May Allah the great accept from me and you!

You have fasted and prayed and wept and begged Allah the Great and now is your time to rejoice as His mercy and forgiveness envelopes the Universe.

May Allah shower you and your family with His choicest rewards and please you on the Day you meet Him just as you are pleased today.

Eid Mubarak to you and your Family…


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A lot of people ask This question:

How do I know if Allah has accepted my Ramadan?

How do I know that my deeds were not rejected, but accepted and written in my scale of good deeds? And you too must ask this question, since Ali [ranhu] said: “Do not be so concerned about the number of deeds as the acceptance of it. Do you not remember what Allah the great said? (Verily Allah only accepts from the pious) [Al-Ma’idah: 27]”

The answer to that, is simply: That your relationship with Allah after Ramadan is better than your relationship with Him before Ramadan. That you feel and act closer to Allah in Shawwal than you did in Shabaan. This strengthening of your relationship with Allah, is a feeling of the heart as well as from the action of the limbs.


The feeling of the heart, is that you see Allah’s signs in creation, and feel His authority and mercy and blessings in your life and thus draw nearer to Him by constant remembrance of Him.


And that you draw closer to Him through your actions. That you feel the need to turn to prayer so you resolve to pray at the earliest time, that your heart wants to come back to the mosque so you make every attempt to pray in congregration, to open the Quran even on the day of Eid or start memorizing – so you make every effort to read it frequently, that you desire and miss the taraweeh and so make the resolve to continue to pray tahajjud and that you miss the fasts, so you resolve to do the 6 days of Shawwal.


Then you remember the hadeeth of Muhammad [saw] “If the Prophet used to do any action, then he used to stick to it (i.e. make it a habit).” [Muslim] Based on this, you resolve to make good habits out of the bootcamp that Ramadan provided so that good deeds become second nature to you.


Remember, if you want to get that special Ramadan feeling in your heart again, then take a path to gaining knowledge. “Whoever Allah wants good for, then He gives him the fiqh of this religion.” [AlBukhari] This is the surest sign that Allah accepted your Ramadan, that after it, you are more knowledgeable about Islam than you were before it. Islamic knowledge is now more accessible to you than ever before. So, make every effort to attend your mosque events, read books and listen to lectures so that you draw closer to Allah every day.

So make sure you learn something new everyday. Once you have gained knowledge of deen, then act upon it by and call others to Allah’s deen.


Lastly, I hope to see you all soon in Eid. Glory be to Allah that He has given us life until the end of this Ramadan, may Allah give us all the opportunity to see the next Ramadan and protect you and your families and all Muslims till then. Ameen.


Jazakum Allahu Khairan

Wa ‘alaikum as-salam

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