Mosques (where Muslims worship)

Muslims can pray anywhere in the world. But the first choose should be to pray at the mosque.

Mosques often have a minaret which is like a small tower. In some countries, when it is time for prayers, a person calls people to prayers (call Azaan) from the minaret.

There are separate prayer areas for men and women. On one wall of the mosque, there is a special place which shows the direction you face for praying.

Mosques are beautifully decorated.  In some mosques walls and windows may have geometric patterns or flowers on them. The floor is usually covered in beautifully patterned carpet.

At the mosque, there is also a place where people wash before prayers. This washing before prayers is called Wudu.

Wudu requires a person to wash different parts of their body in a special way. It is not about clean or dirty. It is about preparing to pray before Allah.

A special form of decoration in Islam is called calligraphy. Calligraphy is the art of handwriting.

Most mosques use calligraphy for decoration.

Fast Fact:

Islamic calligraphy began when people started to write out sections from the Quran. They wanted to make the writing beautiful and special, to show how important the words were to them. At first, the words were written on paper then people started to decorate tiles and pottery as well many other things.